Welcoming a generation back at home.

The Wounded Warrior Program of Virginia has about as vital a job as any client we are likely to work with over the course of a year. With limited funds and a mission that is far from done, they work every year to raise awareness and support for what they do: coordinate support services for veterans with stress-related and traumatic brain (PTSD & TBI) injuries – those veterans dealing with invisible wounds.

PRA was chosen to brand the program and increase awareness of the VWWP as a resource for veterans and their families to go for help 24/7. A key element of the campaign was the development of a website and online community where veterans could go to connect with their peers and get the support they so desperately needed. After this platform was in place we developed a web and TV campaign that showed the community that veterans depend on to help them back into civilian life.

scope of work

  • brand identity
  • broadcast PSA’s
  • brochures
  • displays
  • public relations
  • website