Save the planet from your own curb.

Republic Services is a national recycling and waste collection company. They work hard every day to ensure that solid waste and recyclables are managed efficiently. Their mission is to recycle more and waste less. A noble purpose, but most of their work is below the public radar after they take resident’s trash away each week. Local recycling will rise with participation yet a PR push was needed to educate the public. Community events were part of Republic Services’ strategy that demonstrated the core message we created for them: Separate. Don’t Contaminate. Clear plastic bins were among the visual aids that helped us demonstrate the difference between contaminated trash (unrecyclable mess) and separated recyclables (clean and mixed in one bin).

scope of work

  • brand strategy
  • educational video
  • event management
  • point of sale displays
  • print & broadcast advertising
  • promotional items
  • public relations