Maintaining the engine of a better community.

When PRA first began working with the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation we found that despite working year-round for the community, they were still flying under the radar screen of volunteers, potential donors and influencers. Although tradition said that a philanthropic organization should not spend dollars calling attention to itself, CACF agreed with Payne, Ross that a long-term marketing strategy was required if they were to reach their potential in improving the quality of life for the area’s residents.

The increased awareness of CACF throughout Central Virginia helped lead to a 100 percent growth with the creation of over 80 new donor advised funds and a total increase from $25 to $52.3 million in assets. Contributions were $6.7 million last year. And it all adds up to a better community for all.

"CACF has worked with Payne, Ross for a number of years and has always been pleased with their excellent work. Their ad campaigns always exceed our already high expectations. Ad campaigns constitute a major part of Payne, Ross’ comprehensive communications strategy for CACF. Taken as a whole, their efforts have had an enormously positive impact on the Foundation’s visibility, image, and ability to have a positive impact on this community. In fact, 40 new donor-advised funds were opened within the Foundation, which was a 100% increase. Time and time again Payne, Ross proves their understanding of non-profit needs and goals."

John Redick, President

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

scope of work

  • annual reports
  • brand identity
  • direct marketing
  • event planning & promotion
  • print & online advertising
  • video